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Can I really ‘boost’ my immune system?

Our mindset around boosting or improving our immune system to ward off illness needs a shift – strengthening our immune system is actually very simple, and doesn’t require expensive supplements, juices, or wellness programs.

The human body is amazing, and the majority of adults actually have a very effective immune system. It operates like a security system, identifying potential agents of illness (such as viruses etc) and preventing them from causing damage in the body.

There are situations when our immune system may not function optimally, such as pregnancy, medication use, allergic reactions, and autoimmune conditions. The immune system also deteriorates with the aging process(1).

Trying to ‘boost’ your immune system is not helpful, as what you would be essentially doing is sending an already effective system into overdrive. An overactive immune system is not useful (know someone with hayfever, constantly sneezing or with watery eyes? They’re experiencing an overactive immune response!)

There are genuine medical conditions that may require extra support, and children, pregnant women and over 65’s could potentially require extra help (talk to your GP or pharmacist). But the expensive ‘wellness programs’, vitamins and supplements, juices, potions…they’re all unnecessary. You can strengthen your immune system through 4 easy steps:

Would you like further support in strengthening your immune system? Contact me, I’m happy to help.


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