Cardiovascular Health

What are the best foods to eat to keep my heart healthy?

Cardiovascular Health can be influenced by a wide range of factors, some of which we have little control over. The good news is that nutrition can certainly contribute to a healthy heart, using principles that are easy to follow and delicious!

The past few decades have seen some really promising research using the Mediterranean Diet, and we now know that this is a sustainable way of eating using real foods that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Dietitians can help in this area by:

  • Guiding you on Mediterranean Dietary & lifestyle principles to help reduce systemic inflammation, such as intake of Omega 3’s and high fibre foods
  • Identifying appropriate foods for your personal health and lifestyle circumstances
  • Ensuring nutritional adequacy, and provision of energy to remain active
  • Developing a personalised nutrition plan that is delicious, satisfying and sustainable for heart health
  • Label reading and making healthy choices within meals and snacks
  • Identifying suitable recipes and resources to support your choices