Weight Management

The Keto diet looks amazing for weight loss! Can you help me with that?

Repeat after me: “Diets do not work”

Over the years, we’ve seen more diets than you can poke a stick at – Weight Watchers, Juicing, Atkins, Paleo, Blood-type diet, Low-Fat, Low-Carb…and now Keto.

The reason diets come and go is because they are ineffective, unsustainable and frankly, boring! We can stick to them for a while when we’re excited about losing weight, but after a few weeks the novelty wears off and we start returning to our old habits.

Unfortunately, diets such as ‘keto’ have not been around long enough for us to understand how they impact health and the body over long periods of time – it may be a risky approach and not suited for you at all!

Dietitians understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight, and maintaining that loss.

Conversely, some people may have difficulty keeping their weight within a healthy range, and need strategies to increase weight.


Dietitians can help in this area by:

  • Helping you understand what a healthy weight may look like for you, and developing realistic goals and strategies that suit your lifestyle and personal circumstances
  • Assessing your current dietary and lifestyle habits, to identify potential areas of improvement
  • Ensuring you are eating a healthy, nutritionally balanced and satisfying range of foods for optimal health
  • Promoting realistic, life-long habits to maintain a healthy weight
  • Focusing on real foods, rather than relying on supplements, shakes, pills, drops, patches or magic potions that cost a fortune
  • Providing meal and snack suggestions that help you reach your goals
  • Educating on strategies when eating out, dealing with social situations and special occasions, and times of high-stress or fatigue so that healthy eating is sustainable